Monday, March 13, 2017

Because I'm the Publisher and NOT Amazon KDP?

When I entered the publishing world in 2009ish, e-books were barely a thing. The first Kindle reader with its “hobble-along-better-than-nothing” mobi based software had just come out two years before in 2007 and I must say, I was looking forward to putting my books up as a Kindle with the bragged about potential sales luring me in.

Fast-Forward to now. Ebooks have come a LOOOOOONNNGGGG way. There are new and wonderful formats that work so much better than the ancient “it’s-mine-and-you-can’t-have-it-mobi-format” that Amazon’s KDP uses (like .epub files.) And there are wonderful FREE programs out there that can take that .epub and convert it to .mobi if a reader just has to read their book in an outdated format that is very unforgiving for developers/publishers. And just in time too because before that, one had to bite into Amazon’s KDP poison apple to even get an ebook out there. Meaning they had to lose all rights to their ebook just to list it on Amazon KDP. Amazon gets to “give” your book away if they so desire. They accept returns which is a publisher’s decision not a distributors. And on and on and on. Read the contract yourself if you don’t believe me. It’s a very interesting read.

Needless to say, I won’t be biting into that APPLE (pun intended.) NO site will be allowed to sell my e-book unless they operate like a distributor. And why would I allow them to when I can cut out the middle man. A few folks have told me that if I didn’t like the way Amazon KDP did business, then why publish with them. To which I say EXACTLY!

So don’t look for my e-books on Kindle. I’ve invested to much time, money and energy to lose control of being the publisher and deciding how much my books sell for or marketing or all the rights Amazon KDP strips away from a publisher.

I have but one distributor at the moment that I trust with my work and that is my partner in crime Mr. Nicholas Grabowsky of Black Bed Sheet Books.

For the record, I do plan on offering a mobi edition with unnecessary graphics and things stripped out so it will look better in kindle readers. Probably not anytime soon but who knows. In the meantime, you may go to to download a free sample and to purchase my stories.

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