"Because of her cancer, Anna Chadwick wouldn't live long enough
to carry her twin infants to term. Yet she wanted nothing more
than for them to have a chance at living. Learning one would be stillborn
didn't lessen her desire.

It would take a miracle....so she prayed for one.

When an electrical entity arrives to take the place of her stillborn,
some would reflect that prayers aren't always answered the
way we'd expect them to be."

Editorial Reviews


Editorial Reviews

"There were several parts that had me nearly giving myself paper-cuts to turn the page fast enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this story." ~ Open Book Society"

"Simply Brilliant! Sue has produced another page turner and truly original concept and I am very excited for her next book." ~  Maryann Boo for the British Fantasy Society

"Sue Dent's storytelling was vivid. I truly could not put this book down once I started reading!" Indie Horror Movie/Book Reviewer Char Hardin 

"High Voltage Horror and Suspense Coursing Throughout 'Electric Angel' by Sue Dent" Target Audience Magazine 

"Sue Dent's novel Electric Angel is a high voltage read, amped up with believable characters struggling in a unique plot. You likely won't read a novel like this one.  Dent is an excellent wordsmith, her ideas original, and her work both entertaining and insightful.  Definitely an up-and-coming author."

Nancy Kilpatrick
Writer - The Power of the Blood trilogy
Editor - Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With the Reaper

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