Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Amazon KDB Ebook Exclusivity?

Here's a nice little article I just ran across that explains KDP's exclusivity rights fairly well. Just click on the gulls to read more.

The post reads:

"As most self-publishing authors know, Amazon offers marketing incentives to authors who sell their ebooks exclusively through Kindle, through a program called KDP Select requires that authors sell their ebook (but not print book) exclusively through Amazon for at least 90 days. The agreement automatically renews unless you decline to enroll again; however, you can always go back and re-enroll at any time."

I suppose the repercussions for authors enrolled in KDP Select and submitting elsewhere, would be light. Probably in the line of kicking them out of  KDP Select. It is interesting to note though, (at least according to this blog post,) EVERY ebook submitted to Amazon is automatically enrolled, for 90 days into KDP Select. This is accurate information as I tried to delete an ebook that needed format work and was warned that the ebook could not be sold anywhere else for 90 days as it was still enrolled in KDP Select.

There are so many authors in that 90-day window, including myself. I can't help but wonder what the "or else" part of the threat is. 

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